DiRT Rally2 update 1.14

Dnes vyšel další update DiRT Rally 2, který má cca 13 GB

Nová verze 1.14 obsahuje (z redakčních důvodů v původním znění)


  • Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 – Made “Petter Solberg – 2019 Wales Rally” livery available to all players.
  • Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 – Made “Oliver Solberg – 2019 Wales Rally” livery available to all players.
  • Mitsubishi Space Star R5 – Made “Festive Livery – Wandering Star” livery available to all players.
  • Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 – Made “Festive Livery – Merry Cosworth” livery available to all players.


  • Ford Escort RS Cosworth – Updated engine audio based on new recordings of real car.
  • DS Automobiles DS 21 – Resolved issue where rear-view mirror view was inverted.
  • SUBARU Legacy RS – Improved lighting of instrument cluster.
  • SUBARU WRX STI NR4 – Changed transmission type in menus to Manual (Previously Manual Sequential).
  • SUBARU Impreza 1995 – Resolved issue where exhaust would clip through bodywork after sustaining damage.
  • SUBARU Impreza S4 Rally – Adjusted gear change animation.
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X – Adjusted gear change animation.
  • Resolved issue where multiple rallycross cars were missing a texture on front left window.


  • Perth & Kinross, Scotland – Adjusted co-driver volume levels.
  • Perth & Kinross, Scotland – Made some adjustments to co-driver calls in French language.
  • Hawkes Bay, New Zealand – Made some adjustments to co-driver calls.


Colin McRae Scenarios (difficulty):

The following Scenarios have had their difficulty adjusted based on player data to provide a smoother difficulty curve:

  • Scotland 1988 – Slightly easier.
  • Wales 1988 – Slightly easier.
  • Sweden 1989 – Slightly easier.
  • New Zealand 1989 – Slightly easier.
  • Scotland 1991 – Slightly easier.
  • Scotland 1992 – Slightly easier.
  • Greece 1994 – Eased damage criteria for passing Scenario.
  • New Zealand 1994 – Slightly harder.
  • Australia 1995 – Slightly harder.
  • Wales 1995 – Slightly harder.
  • Argentina 1998 – Slightly harder.
  • Germany 2002 – Slightly harder.
  • Scotland 2004 – Slightly easier.
  • Australia 2005 – Slightly harder.
  • Scotland 2006 – Eased damage criteria for passing Scenario.

Colin McRae Scenarios (miscellaneous):

  • Refined grammar on several Scenario descriptions and objectives.
  • Resolved issue where some retired AI times were appearing incorrectly in Scenarios.
  • Added missing Rival icon to specific AI drivers in some specific Scenarios.
  • Adjusted mechanical damage criteria so that bodywork damage doesn’t affect pass/failure of relevant Scenarios.


  • If in doubt… – Improved unlocking logic.
  • …Flat out – Improved unlocking logic.



  • Resolved issue where race wouldn’t restart if AI driver jumped the start of a race.
  • Adjusted AI driver allocations so that they would now appear in the correct FIA World Rallycross Championship year.


  • Added post-Stage notes for drivers who retired from a Rally.

My Team:

  • Resolved issue where some players could not access DLC cars they had purchased/owned in-game.


  • Corrected several team colours in Service Areas to match livery colour on player’s car.
  • Resolved issue where menu music would play for a split-second when a player Restarted a Stage.
  • Resolved issue where some players would lose access to cars in their Garage after resetting their profile.
  • Adjusted PlayStation Store link in Japanese versions of the game to go to the correct page.
  • Made minor bug-fixes throughout title.
  • Made minor stability improvements throughout title.


Zakladatel a administrátor Czech Console Racing. Na Xboxu hraju už od roku 2006. Najdeš mě pod gamertagem CCR CABADAJ.

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