DiRT Rally 2 aktualizace 1.13


S vydáním DLC Flat Out Pack vyjde 24. března pochopitelně nová verze s označením 1.13. Z celého výčtu níže mě osobně nejvíce zaujala aktualizace zvuků motoru pro Fabii WRC.


Content (as part of Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack):

  • New Game Mode: Colin McRae Scenarios
  • New Location: Perth and Kinross, Scotland
  • New Car: SUBARU Impreza S4 Rally
  • New Car: SUBARU Legacy RS
  • New Livery: Peugeot 205 GTI – Colin McRae (1988)
  • New Livery: MG Metro 6R4 – Colin McRae (2003)



  • New Livery: Ford Focus RS Rally 2001 – Valvoline (Fictional)
    Note: Free to all players who have access to the car.



  • New Achievement: Building a Legacy – Roll the SUBARU Legacy RS 3 times on a single stage in Finland, and finish.
  • New Achievement: If in Doubt… – Complete every Scenario on any difficulty.
  • New Achievement: …Flatout – Complete every Scenario on Very Hard difficulty.
  • New Achievement: In its Element – Complete the 1995 Wales Scenario in Colin McRae’s SUBARU Impreza 1995.
  • New Achievement: Pedal to the Metal – Set a time of 7 minutes or faster on Newhouse Bridge, in the SUBARU Impreza S4 Rally
  • When in Doubt… – Adjusted French language translation.



  • Resolved issue where cars would appear with missing or misplaced body panels.
  • Rebalanced engine audio mix for all cars.
  • ŠKODA Fabia Rally – Updated engine audio.
  • Citroën C4 Rally – Updated engine audio.
  • MINI Cooper SX1 – Resolved issue where rev lights appeared blurred.



  • Powys, Wales – Increased volume of pre-Stage co-driver callouts.



  • Added Colin McRae Scenarios tab to main menu.
  • Resolved issue where number of Terminal Damages incurred was not displaying correctly in My Team.
  • Resolved issue where Service Area penalty times were not displaying on results screen in Custom Championship Events.
  • Resolved issue where Class Leader’s position on progress bar would freeze during Custom Online Events.
  • Added marker to show when a player has set invalid laps in Time Trial (Rallycross).



  • Added support for Perth and Kinross, Scotland as a selectable Location.


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